Multi Vendor Shopping Portal

Multi Vendor Website Features

Great Choice! Our Multi-vendor website has lots of features & benefits for your business. Because of its completely manageable solution for online shopping business. here admin can manage his entire online business in just a few clicks. The system can manage sales, orders, stock, vendors automatically. Let us explain you.

  • Here you can manage own & vendors products easily without any expertise.
  • All orders/Sales can be monitored by the admin.
  • You can allow and deny access to any vendor from the website at any time.

The system will automatically manage the stock of all the products. When the stock gets reduced, the website will send an email to both parties.

How multi vendors website works?

Multi Vendor Shopping Portal features

Yeah, this is a good question. Our multi-vendor website works like the real marketplace. Here you can sell anything without own stock. Because all the vendors will manage own store by self. The website can generate invoice for customers after successful purchase. Now we explain website, how really works:

  • You need to setup website like Categories of all products.
  • Vendors need to signup on the website.
  • After that will verify all the information provided by the vendor and confirm vendor registration.
  • When the vendor will confirm by the admin(You), Then vendor can manage his profile on the live store.
  • When any product purchased by customers, Then the website generates a billing invoice for the customer according to his order.

When order will be shipped by the seller/vendor, Then he needs to update order status processing to shipped.

features and benefits

Here we describe all the main functionality who make easier your business.

Team Management

Admin can add team members to manage the website & all the members will work according to their job roles created by you. You can add unlimited members into your online business.

Products Manager

Product manager helps you to manage product on the website. when you want to update and remove any product from the store. you can do that easily in just few clicks.

Order and Sales

You can monitor all orders & sales on the live dashboard. you will able to manage orders payments and status completely.

Seller Dashboard

Exclusive dashboard for each vendor to get to know about sales highs and lows and analyze performance.

Quick View

Ajax powered Quick View enables customers to view the product in a popup without having to visit the actual product page in a separate window.

Flexible Commission

As the admin, you can set different commission rates for vendors who list their products in your marketplace

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With the latest updates, you will be able to increase your business growth in the online market.

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