eLearning Management System

Start educating online Create your own Training Website easily and have full control and grow wisely

Our Learning management system provides you awesome features for creating online courses, teacher profile, extended user profiles, lesson management, quiz System, video hosting, ranking / rating system, questions system, attachments, Tracking course progress etc.

  • You can create assignments for the courses.
  • Teachers can add remark or review for students.
  • Students can join free and paid course.
  • Students can join into the course after online payment.
  • You can add multiple team member to manage LMS with limited access.

How it works

eLearning Management System features

It is really easy to use LMS and build a learning management system that makes learning and teaching online a pleasant experience. Create your online training website with satisfaction and teach to students around the world. Apart from e-learning, LMS can be used as School level Education system also. If you are a school, college or university…let us know! We will provide our best support.

  • Online Education System is a comprehensive Learning Management System.
  • This awesome system is a complete academic and educational framework for managing courses, tests, evaluations, statistics and so much more.
  • This is the perfect education system for schools, educational institutions, or certification programs.
  • Students can manage his Profile.

Features and benefits

Here we describe all the main functionality who make easier your business

Students Separate Profile

Users can create his profile for joining the online course.

Add Custom Badges And Certificates

Admin can add custom badges and certificates for the online students.

Add Course Units

Admin can add unlimited free and paid online courses.

Course Forums

Here students can post questions and answer and other students and teachers can answer on their answers.

Payment Options

Student can pay course fee online, before joining the paid course.

Course Evaluations & Statistics

Admin can see course evaluations & statistics on the dashboard.

Test Timer And Timeline

Admin can set timer or timeline for the particular exam/test.


Teachers Can Monitor Students Performance in quiz & exams.

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